Why Choose Health Focus

Choosing the software that runs your practice is a big decision. Eminance, our flagship software, comes with deep expertise from working closely with South African medical and optometry professionals for over 30 years to design a product that works for you.


Systematically Improving your Profit Potential

The Choice of Experience

Keep your staff happy, your appointment book full and paperwork to a minimum while being supported every step of the way. Run on your local network or access through our cloud, you can rest easy knowing you keep control your data.

Cloud Computing with Eminance Mobile Cloud (EMC)

Physios, Minimise Audit Risks

Eminance for physiotherapist has a feature that allows you to create a macro or series of treatment codes for one procedure linked to a name you define. It allows you to tailor a series of codes at a fee that you or the medical aid determines with a single entry. Of course, you can call that macro anything you want to and it won’t appear on the statement or invoice - even if it’s submitted electronically. You instruct Eminance in English and it will translate it to the series of billing codes.

Eminance for Physiotherapist Minimises Audit Risk


Streamline your practice process with Eminance as part of your digital office.

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Paid Faster

Tools and reports to get paid faster the first time, with less effort.

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Easy Updates

Free software updates for life with annual tariff code updates.

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Eminance can be installed across your entire practice to provide a complete practice management system and can be accessed locally or remotely with the highest level of security. Our software is a complete practice management system that is extremely easy and convenient to use. It is robust, scalable and tough and will effortlessly take on the responsibilities of the front office and your clinical functions. Moreover if your practice spans multiple locations, Eminance will help to streamline the data in one versatile system. Contact us for a hands-on demonstration.

We are confident Eminance will work for you

Eminance is a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to help medical practices of all sizes thrive. It streamlines administrative and billing processes for healthcare practitioners. The system is also POPIA ready, ensuring patient and practice data security and compliance. Over and above its streamlined billing and flexible scheduling, it offers insightful reporting with high levels of safety and security of your practice information.

Patient care services improve tremendously by using Eminance

Our collaboration among health professionals in general practice, specialists, clinics and optometry
has resulted in Eminance becoming one of the leading practice management systems in Africa

Systematically improving your profit potential

Leaders in the Field

We were the first to integrate facilities that are now seen as the industry standard and we remain the leaders in innovation ensuring maximum automated productivity for the practice.

  • Product development is driven by client consultation, through regular customer workshops, online consultation, and regular face-to-face visits
  • We provide the best in customer support, with a locally based, highly knowledgeable support team who will be with you every step of your journey
  • Eminance is constantly being updated with new functions and features, with new version releases several times per year
  • Our medical, clinical and practice management software share the same patient demographic so there are no synchronisation errors

Over 30 years experience

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Local support

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Remote access

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Eminance allows me to focus on my medical practice without worrying about the finances

The Health Focus Difference

Standing above the competition

Easy to use

Caters for all the medical and optometric administrative functions from clinical functions through to multiple appointment books. Over 50 practice types supported

Quick and easy updates

Our technology means free software updates along with access anytime and anywhere. From electronic updates of tariff codes through to medical aid rules, it's all automated.


Eminance allows you to schedule a consultation in your diary via video, reminding the patient of the consult. And it's a standard feature. Video and all.

See how Eminance allows your practice to help people live better lives

Electronic Medical Record

Comprehensive medical software to record allergies, symptoms, conditions, diagnoses, past health problems, referrals, reports and team care processes at the point of care.

Secure Message Delivery

Easily send and receive clinical documents and automatically link them to your patients’ records. Review health provider x-ray, pathology and radiology results in an instant.

Complete desktop solution

An extensive software solution developed and perfected over 30 years. Thousands of intelligent features that provide a complete workflow for your practice.

Thinking of changing your practice management program?

Eminance. Powered by Health Focus

Innovative Solutions

Health Focus offers a range of innovative solutions for healthcare professionals across the African Continent. Our Eminance program has been designed to streamline operations with a strong presence in patient engagement and analytics. Areas that we cover include:

Practice Management Systems

Eminance is a comprehensive Practice Management Systems (PMS) designed to handle the day-to-day administrative and financial tasks of healthcare practices. It integrates functions such as patient scheduling, billing, coding, insurance claims processing, and financial reporting. PMS streamline operations by automating routine tasks, reducing errors, and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations. We also provide tools for managing patient demographics, tracking accounts, and generating financial reports. By consolidating these functions into a single platform, PMS enhance operational efficiency, improve cash flow, and allow healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.

Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR)

Our EHR Systems is a comprehensive digital platforms that stores and manages patients health information. Our systems integrate clinical and financial data, facilitating accurate billing and coding, streamlining claims processing, and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations. EHRs support practice management by providing comprehensive patient records, including medical history, treatment plans, and test results. They improve operational efficiency by reducing paperwork, minimising errors, and enabling easy access to patient data. Additionally, our EHR systems enhance patient care by ensuring timely and accurate information sharing among healthcare providers, which is crucial for informed decision-making and coordinated care. .

Patient Engagement Tools

Our Patient Engagement facilities are digital solutions designed to enhance communication and interaction between healthcare providers and patients. These include patient portals, mobile apps, and automated messaging systems that facilitate appointment scheduling, reminders, and access to medical records. By promoting active patient participation in their healthcare, these tools help improve treatment adherence and satisfaction. They also streamline administrative processes, reducing no-shows and late payments, thereby improving the practice's financial health. Our patient engagement tools support better data accuracy and compliance by enabling patients to update their information and communicate directly with their healthcare providers.

Offering a Range of Specialists Solutions

Practice Management Tools

Our practice management abilities refer to our software and systems designed to streamline the administrative and financial operations of healthcare practices. These tools facilitate appointment scheduling, patient registration, billing, coding, and claims processing. They help manage patient records, track revenue, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations. By integrating various aspects of practice management, such tools enhance operational efficiency, reduce errors, and improve patient care. They provide analytics and reporting features, aiding in financial planning and decision-making. Overall, we know our practice management tools are essential for optimising the financial health and administrative workflow of medical practices.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Our analytics and reporting Tools compile, analyse, and present financial and operational data from healthcare practices. These tools generate detailed reports on billing, revenue cycles, patient demographics, and operational efficiency. By providing insights into financial performance, they help identify trends, optimise resource allocation, and enhance decision-making. Our analytics and reporting tools aid in monitoring compliance with healthcare regulations and identifying areas for cost reduction and revenue enhancement. We enable healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions, improve financial health, and ensure the sustainability of the practice.

Cloud Computing

At HealthFocus, we offer secure and reliable cloud solutions for healthcare organisations. Our cloud infrastructure provides scalability, reliability, and security to meet your growing needs. We take cybersecurity seriously, ensuring compliance with HIPAA/HITECH Act and protecting patient data with encryption and multi-factor authentication. Regular backups and automated recovery capabilities ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster or cyberattack. By choosing HealthFocus, you can improve operational efficiency, enhance data security, and minimise downtime. Our cloud solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, ensuring your organisation , no matter how big or small, stays ahead of the curve.

Since the first installation by its founders in 1988, Health Focus has evolved into an innovative medical software solution provider. The company initially focused on developing practice management systems for small to medium-sized medical and optometry practices. Since then, our software solutions can be found in clinics, hospitals, and thousands of practices and specialty offices across the African continent. Our Eminance range of software has been recognised for its innovative approach to medical software solutions and the positive impact it has had on patient care and healthcare operations.