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A complete booking and billing system for clinics

We offer clinics and hospitals an integrated preoperative information system that captures clinical, medical and financial data on every patient event from surgery scheduling through transcription of the surgical report.

Eminance caters for the Day Hospital, allowing you to generate all the required documents, as well as dispensing modules that are designed for high data input. bar coding is standard, as well as touch screen facilities. With unlimited consultants and facilities for any amount of doctors, full reporting is provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Surgery Scheduling Software

Using the powerful patient scheduling diary, fast and easy scheduling is at your fingertips. Eminance instantly coordinates staff and equipment availability, while intelligently following physician preferences. Automatically reserve time based upon a surgeon's history. Got a last minute add-on? No problem! It's quick and easy to shuffle your surgery schedule.

Inventory Management Software

The integrated inventory management capabilities can help reduce your carrying costs while ensuring availability of your important supplies. The ability to track par levels and reorder points across multiple locations means you can actually manage your costs instead of them managing you.

Surgery Case History

Take the guesswork out of surgery charges and expenses. Eminance makes it quick and easy to help nurses increase the accuracy and legibility of critical documents. User definable screens mean you can quickly customise what information you capture and even how you gather it. Unlimited free text space means you'll never run out of room to write those notes or comments ever again.

Powerful Reporting

With Eminance it's quick and easy to answer the questions that let you effectively manage your department. Extensive, on-demand reporting capabilities are built right in so your daily, monthly, and ad-hoc reports are easier than you've probably thought possible.

Hospital & Clinic Software Flexibility

Eminance is just as effective when used as a stand-alone system or over a network. Customisable in almost every respect, you can be confident in your competitive advantage.

Patient Scheduling

The right patient scheduling software can often make the difference between a good and bad first impression on your patients. Eminance really helps improve patient satisfaction even before the patient sets foot in your clinic or hospital. Software that crosses the boundary from improving patient satisfaction to truly making every department's life a little easier is the kind of software that you need. On-screen activity which allows verification before committing to invoice, is just one of the features that makes Eminance the choice for clinics.

  • Flexible set-up of capture sheets
  • Admissions with multiple diagnosis
  • CPT4 & ICD10 coding
  • Review of accounts before finalizing.
  • Macros for quick and easy routine entry
  • Label printing for files, admissions, cards etc
  • In & Out bookings with admission and discharge date and time.
  • Gasses and fractional with equipment uses
  • checked and finalized status with open account recording
  • Theatre, ward, TTO & dispensary tagging & statistics
  • Reporting on discounted procedures, category of outstanding accounts
  • Next-of-kin recording
  • Hospital statements
  • Operation capture sheets
  • Recording of admitting practitioner, assistants, anaesthetists etc.
  • Checks prior to invoicing
  • Unique account per encounter
  • Previous admissions recall
  • Reporting with primary diagnosis on admission.
  • Blue book updates

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