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The Eminance On-Line Covid-19 Screener

Eminance offers a host of features designed specifically to cater for Covid-19 events that affect the practice. These features include on-line appointments, video and tele-medicine which are all standard and included features. If you are using an older version of Eminance, you can update your program by selecting the update option from your Help menu. One of the features is an On-Line Covid-19 Screener that allows for a simple and effective way to record pre-visit Covid-19 screenings.

We constantly develop features designed to make the management of your practice easier and better. One such function is the Eminance On-Line Patient Screener. At any time, including when an appointment is made in the diary, click on the option and a link is sent via SMS or WhatsApp to the patient's email or cell number on file.

The patient then clicks on the secure link that Eminance has sent and will direct the patient to your portal where it allows the patient to quickly capture the information required in terms of the SA Covid regulations.

When the patient arrives in the rooms or at reception, the Eminance Management Tool registers the patients temperature and automatically records a number of parameters, including the time that the visit was logged.

This system ensures compliance with the Covid-19 regulations and at the same time provides you the necessary tools and information to take any necessary action.

One of the powerful features of the On-Line Patient Screener is the ability to establish close encounters displaying all patients in sequence with all associated contact information.

The whole process is automated and is initiated with a single click.

If you are using an older version of Eminance, select the Update option from your Help menu to update your system to take advantage of some of the options designed specifically for the time of the epidemic.

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