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DXS for Medical Practitioners is a unique information management module. Are you inundated with information from a wide variety of sources - and in many formats – to the extent where information overload is reached, and effective management of information becomes difficult if not impossible? Health Focus has a solution to this problem - DXS - Included with all versions of Eminance. It is a revolutionary and innovative software module designed to provide you, the medical practitioner, with a full spectrum of electronic information on medication, diseases, procedures and medical services. It includes:

  • With the stand-alone browser, information can be located quickly at the point of diagnosis, saving you time and money.
  • Manage your test requests by using the test module.
  • Configure your own requests for selected diagnosis or symptoms View or print information for specifies, tests and depots.
  • Once installed, DXS updates electronically, ensuring your information remains current.
  • Provides patients with information about their conditions in easily understood technology.
  • You can print leaflets or even email them to the patient.
  • You can customize your own leaflets
  • Enhance the quality of the patient encounter by using professional illustrations as an educational medium.
  • Information from reputable sources ensures peace of mind.
  • Keeps you updated on current medical developments
  • Obtain your CPD points without leaving the practice
  • Updates are cross - disciplinary
  • Records articles submitted and reconciles points earned
  • Fast access to: Package inserts, Practitioner information, Patient information on medicines.
  • Search for medicines by active ingredient and compare active ingredients by strength.
  • Find medicines by pharmacological classification. Search for medicine equivalents by pharmacological classification
  • Request information on medicines and order samples right from your doorstep.
  • DXS keeps you in touch with pharmaceutical companies.
  • The DXS system provides numerous patient Illustrations saving you time and money.
  • Patients can be shown procedures, that can be printed out as hand outs.
  • Over 500 simple one page patient leaflets and growing, are provided with the system.
  • Information is updated automatically via the Internet, giving you the latest information on-hand.
  • Patient information leaflets ensure immediate education and reduce call backs to the practice.
  • DXS comes complete with a medicine reference filled with package inserts.
  • These link via diagnosis and medicine for immediate access and reference.
  • Hundreds of medical reviews are available at a click of a button, reducing the amount of research time.
  • Information is updated automatically and accessed with a click of a button.

All information is credible, direct from sources such as medical schools, medicine manufacturers and service providers, ensuring you absolute peace of mind. All information is kept current by automatically updating direct from the content providers. The DXS system is available at absolutely no charge, right now, and is included as part of Eminance.