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Get Paid Faster with Eminance

We provide all the tools to allow you to systematically improve your profit potential and to get paid faster.

We make it easy for the patient to settle their account. We do this by automatically adhering to the medical aid rules and calculate the patient portion of the claim. Even before that, we offer the ability to validate the patient details (where the medical aid allows access to the patient data) and to verify quickly and electronically the benefits that are available.

In addition, the account can be generated immediately and either dispatched electronically to the patient and medical aid. The macro facility allows one click entry of normally used line items, saving time and allowing the account to be presented immediately.

Then there is the powerful credit control system that offers a track-and-trace ability with administrative and follow up notes.

But the real trick in getting paid faster is ensuring that the accounts are presented according to set medical aid rules. Eminance applies these rules even when the rules differ by medical aid. And it reduces the cost of the claim - the single largest cost in any type of practice.

No longer are you forced to use one switch. Eminance offers you a choice. A difference of R1 per claim can mean a saving of more than R15 000 a year on switching fees.

Our electronic claims facility is seamless and fully integrated. After all, it was Health Focus that developed the first EDI system in the early 1990's. Our experience and capability in submitting claims electronically has been used in Eminance to ensure that your claims are submitted to medical aids at the minimal cost and with utmost confidentiality and security.

We integrate with all the medical switching houses, leaving the choice of vendor up to you, ensuring that your practices profile benefits from the features and facilities provided. We also offer real-time patient validation, ensuring your records are up to date and minimising administration costs. In fact, we have ensured that the cost is lower than printing out and posting an invoice and statement.

The benefits of electronic claims are obvious, as are the cost savings. But Eminance goes further by integrating the claim, eliminating any double capturing of claims. In addition, the feedback from the medical aid is immediate and visible in Eminance. And in the event you have a rejection from the medical aid, the claim can be fixed and resubmitted from within Eminance with minimal effort. The medical aid electronic claim submission pricing is minimal, and generally depends on your volume.


Health Focus's Eminance stands out as a reliable ally for healthcare professionals, offering a comprehensive solution for managing finances and practice operations. With our proven platform trusted by thousands nationwide, you can rest assured that your practice's administrative tasks are in capable hands.


Our software goes beyond traditional medical accounting, providing valuable benefits that extend beyond patient care. From easily controlling cash flow to running your business from anywhere, Eminance empowers you to focus on what truly matters: delivering excellent healthcare.


Moreover, our platform caters to the unique needs of every specialty, ensuring that medical professionals across various fields can efficiently manage their practices. With Eminance, you can effortlessly handle patient files, clinical notes, prescriptions, and more, all digitally and securely.