Updating medicines and materials, and more ..

Medprax supplies essential data to the medical and allied professions. The Medprax data files are in use throughout South Africa and Namibia and are available in any format. Products include; Medicine data, Material data, Medical Aid data, Formularies, Nappi Codes, MMAP Lists, and Generic Codes.

The files cater for all exclusions, as well as generic cross mappings. Medprax have announced the release of their ICD10 code generator for Health 2004. It allows you to purchase a licensed version of the ICD10 codes and to import it into the program. All the requirements are included in this file update, including the long descriptions. Please note that this is available only for Health 2000. The program which allows you to create the import file is available directly from Medprax on 031 904-9200. It is also available from all new distribution CD's as of 1 August 2003. If you have a CD, then all you need do, is contact Medprax for the activation code and start using the ICD10 codes immediately. For more information contact Medprax or our help desk on 0861 110011. All our products interface directly with the Medprax Service bouquet of data files.

Medprax files can be updated onto our systems automatically or electronically. For further information contact Medprax. We recommend that the Medprax File Service be installed with each Health Focus product.

Updating medicines and materials, and more ..

The Medprax ICD10 Browser is an easy and intuitive application that enables you to quickly look-up any ICD10 code on a word, phrase or code. You can build a favourites list that can be exported or printed.

The ICD10 data contains codes, long descriptions, short descriptions, external cause codes, asterisk and dagger codes, advisory notes, Chronic disease list and PMB indicators. The Browser is available as a download from with a free trial period before registration. Registration will licence you for installation on three computers at a cost of R450 per year.