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A Quick Overview

Eminance is the name of our practice management software. It is a comprehensive program that takes care of every facet of the practice administration and is the only program that is required in the practice to handle the complete process from booking appointments through to payments and everything in-between.


  • You can schedule appointments
  • Verify insurance eligibility
  • Send electronic claims
  • Receive electronic insurance payments
  • Manage collections
  • Store documents online
  • Print custom reports
  • Manage stock & materials

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Over 50 Disciplines
  • Risk management reporting
  • Patient clinical data records
  • Store x-rays & lab reports
  • Clinical notes & images
  • Script formulations
  • Chronic medicine script logger
  • Patient clinical records
  • Video & tele-medicine

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Just-in-time Reporting
  • Customised reports]
  • Cloud access
  • User designed templates
  • Report warning features
  • On screen graphical reports
  • Patient recalls & logging
  • Customised automated email reports
  • Integrated diary

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Users can schedule appointments, verify insurance eligibility, send electronic claims, receive electronic insurance payments, manage collections, store documents online, print custom reports, and more. Although easy to use, the program offers powerful facilities designed to systematically improve your profit potential. Eminance caters for virtually all practice types and is designed to maximise your productivity and minimise waste. Its checks and balances ensure that it conforms to proper accounting standards, while it's ease of use, ensures maximum up-time. Used throughout the republic and Africa.

Experience how Eminance can change your practice

Reliable & Integrated

Medical software doesn't need to be complicated. The Health Focus medical and clinical solution is designed to be simple, intuitive and seamlessly integrated.


Eminance simply runs your whole practice taking you closer to a paperless office. The low cost electronic claims and automatic tariff updates is a click away

Feature filled

Eminance offers all the features you would expect in a program designed to run your practice. But it offers a whole lot more with a plethora of innovative functions.

Our Innovations

Large and small practices, clinic groups, radiologists and Independent Practitioner Associations have chosen us as their IT partner because we know the profession. Our specialisation in front-ends, and back-end ability are reflections of the markets we know. Medical software doesn’t need to be complicated. The Health Focus medical and clinical solution is designed to be simple, intuitive and seamlessly integrated. Health Focus are innovators in medical and optometry management.

Eminance can help you gain control and deliver immediate benefits in staff productivity, throughput, improved care, and patient satisfaction

- Dr A J De Villiers

Today's environment demands high availability becoming the norm for many practices. Meeting these demands is a daunting task, with financial pressures, legal requirements, limited resources, and many other variables beyond one's control. This is highlighted by many incidents such as the recent Eskom blackouts which had a severe impact on numerous practices. With many circumstances beyond our control, practices must strive to maintain close control while managing their environment.


The aim of any integrated medical system is to make processing of data as accurate and timely as possible, minimizing the risk of errors and improving productivity.
Eminance does exactly that.


Enter unlimited prices and link them to medical aid Formularies.
It will also cross map generics for MMAP medical aids completely automatically and if required, transfer the script to the pharmacy.

Medical Aids

Medical aids can be tagged whether they accept direct submissions and at any time, you can produce a medical aid (or patient) aged analysis or statement allowing you to identify your practice profile and risk exposure.

One of the most significant factors in ensuring that accounts are settled promptly is to ensure that the account is rendered in accordance with the requirements of the medical aids. Even if you don't submit accounts directly to the medical aids, your patient does! Eminance reduces the risk of rejections, by offering a comprehensive medical aid system which integrates fully with patients linked to a medical aid.