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Our Partners

In order to ensure that practices using our computer program can take advantage of third party offerings, we have, where possible, incorporated these facilities directly into our program. Some of these facilities carry a fee, while others are free.

Some of the features are now standard in our programs and can be used immediately, while others need to be activated by our partners. Our consultants will advise and guide you when demonstrating our products and will be able to answer all your questions.

You can also contact us as we are always available to answer your questions.


Nexion is highly affordable and easy-to-use. The cash flow management software is designed specifically for medical practices but used by numerous small companies around the country


Bluebird is the facility that links the pathology report to your patients record seamlessly and securely. It’s quick and easy to activate. Just let us know that you want it activated and we will do the rest.


HealthBridge allows you to send claims to medical aid funders in real-time, interacting directly with the medical aids systems. Validations and claim submissions are standard.


MediKredit is a technology company that currently provides on-line real time claims processing of prescriptions being filled in pharmacies for members of medical aid schemes who are contracted either directly, or through medical scheme administrators.


MediSwitch focuses exclusively on switching medical transactions between the various players in the healthcare industry.


Medprax supplies essential data to the medical and allied professions. The Medprax data files are in use throughout South Africa and Namibia and are available in any format. Products include; Medicine data, Material data, Medical Aid data, Formularies, Nappi Codes, MMAP Lists, and Generic Codes.