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Designed to cater for the scalable physio practice

Eminance for Physiotherapists offers all the facilities needed in the practice. No matter how small or large the practice, Eminance has been designed to grow with you, with special licences available for the small, starting out practice, minimising costs.

Eminance for Physiotherapists ensures that the practice gets paid on time and correctly. Offering all the EDI and mobile facilities, treatments can be built into macros for one click entries, and repeat visits activated with speed, including modifiers.

Our program for physiotherapist has a feature that allows you to create a macro or series of treatment codes for one procedure linked to a name you define. It allows you to tailor a series of codes at a fee that you or the medical aid determines with a single entry. Of course, you can call that macro anything you want to and it won’t appear on the statement or invoice - even if it’s submitted electronically.

You instruct Eminance in English and it will translate it to the series of billing codes. The added benefit is that the macro only needs to be setup once and ensures that you have consistency in your claim submissions to medical aids.

This standard feature eliminates the possibility of errors and the consequences that could arise. The macros are quick and easy to implement and obliterates the need to enter multiple codes for a treatment regime.

This time saving facility can be implemented at any time by following the on-screen help. You can also contact our support call centre and one of our consultants will step you through the process to create your macros (estimated setup time 90 seconds)

If you are an existing Eminance user, you can view our quick setup Macro guide.

I can extract and isolate any information submitted to Discovery at any point and the associated amounts linked to these claims should any proof be required on what was submitted. Physios that have been audited talked about arbitrary amounts, something they will never experience while using Eminance as full proof of every line remains. It will be up to Discovery to prove what was wrong, and the practice will have the info.

  • An integrated solution for physiotherapists
  • Easy to use with logical flow control
  • Information is easy to find with quick search facilities
  • Affordable operational costs
  • Certified for online claim.
  • Integrated interface for private, cash and medical aid claims
  • Patient recalls and planned treatment tracking
  • Treatment Plan tracking and creation
  • Patient note history
  • Appointment scheduling, multi location, multi practitioner
  • Appointment remainder and confirmation through SMS and email
  • Improved practice efficiency
  • Improved practice productivity
  • Improved correspondence, marketing, and practice analysis capabilities
  • More time to interact with your patients
  • Happier employees and more satisfied patients

A click of a button allows a repeat treatment, including modifiers applied. Our physiotherapy practice software program is quick and easy to use and offers a host of features, including levies, designed specifically for Physiotherapists.

Eminance for physiotherapists come in the entry level and advance versions, making it ideal for the practitioner starting out as well as the large multi-practitioner practice.

Our programs do the work of a full-time staff person, including sending patients auto-reminders which frees up front desk staff to do other things. When a patient books an appointment online, front-desk staff see it immediately so there’s no risk of double booking.

In a few clicks, accept credit cards, issue receipts, track medical aid or private patient billing and direct the account to either the medical aid or the private patient. Cash practices are catered for with full financial controls and reconciliations. No longer do you need to duplicate information. Enter the patient information once and the information is stored (and password protected) and accessible from anywhere

With our Patient Portal, patients can book online, access helpful exercises from their therapist, and get reimbursed from medical aids with no paperwork. With a few clicks, clients can book one or multiple visits with their favourite practitioner. Works on a computer, network, tablet or smartphone.

An appointment reminder arrives by email, which means fewer missed appointments.

Front desk staff mark when a patient has arrived and the practitioner gets a notification so they know to finish up.

Our pricing is based on the number of practitioners in your clinic so it always fits your budget. There are no upgrades to buy and no extra programs are needed to run your clinic. And if you are starting out or have a small home based practice, we have a special system in place that allows you a limited number of patients that within minutes can be expanded to meet your needs.

Eminance. Powered by Health Focus

Confronted with a medical aid audit?.

One of the problems that practices face when confronted by a medical aid audit, is that the historical records are not available. Eminance keeps every single transaction since day one. That allows you to easily extract the information under query.

Under normal circumstances, a medical aid will audit you going back three or more years. Most practice management programs keep electronic transactions that are current and due. Eminance and its sophisticated engine allows you to store trillions of records, only limited by your disk capacity.

That means when you are selected for an audit, you can with minimal effort, extract exactly what was claimed in detail from the medical aid and provide substantial proof of the validity of the claim.

Over the years I have been asked on a number of occasions to supply practices with detailed claims submitted to Discovery through Eminance dating back many years, and in every single instance I recall, there has not been any come-backs. I am pretty sure it is only when the practice is incapable of supplying Discovery with information, that they are able to bully the practice. Also, if the practice cannot supply Discovery, it looks a little suspicious


Health Focus's medical accounting software enables you to oversee your finances remotely, freeing up time for patient care. Whether you're in the clinic or on the go, Eminance ensures you can manage accounts and monitor your business seamlessly. Additionally, it offers features such as automated bookings, patient reminders, and personalised treatment notes, further streamlining your practice's operations.


With Eminance, you have access to a unified application catering to every aspect of your medical practice. From simplified billing to flexible scheduling and insightful reporting, it simplifies practice management. Its customizable clinical templates and robust diary system ensure a tailored experience for each user, supported by an intuitive online portal for patient engagement.

No Effort

With Eminance, developed by Health Focus, you gain control over your cash flow, ensuring financial stability for your practice. Moreover, Eminance provides a clear overview of your finances, facilitating informed decision-making beyond patient care.