Eminance for Radiology

Integrated Medical Management & Imaging Software
Integrated Ris billing system
Individual working screens for radiologists, typists and radiographers
Single account per family account system
One complete integrated program
Automatic SMS system for diary appointments
The only RiS you would ever need
Emailing of reports to referring doctors
One single integrated system
Electronic document and image scanning
Voice dictation for reporting
TextDICOM medical imaging
TextVoice recognition for auto transcription
Patient workflow tracking
Multi-modality scheduling & work-list
Mammography, MRI and ultrasound tracking
Customised automated email reports
EDI Compliant with Healthbridge & DHS
HL 7 Messaging
Enterprise-wide, real-time, bi-directional architecture
Launching of Pacs Imaging
No duplication, whatsoever!
The ultimate RiS

Low Cost Radiology Billing with EminanceHealth Focus is a leader in practice management software, trusted by thousands of practitioners to run their practices. Our radiology information software (RIS) solutions include intricate radiology billing services and electronic claiming requirements, comprehensive financial tracking and audit trails, appointment scheduling, patient managed care data, powerful reporting and patient database storage.

Seamlessly integrated with Health Focus Eminance, and its well-established practice management capabilities, the software provides a tightly orchestrated compliant system, operational across the network and multiple locations.

  • DICOM medical imaging
  • Patient workflow tracking
  • Mammography, MRI and ultrasound tracking
  • Electronic document and image scanning
  • Comprehensive multi-modality scheduling & work-list
  • Voice recognition for automated transcription
  • Customised automated email reports
  • EDI Compliant with Healthbridge & DHS
  • Enterprise-wide, real-time, bi-directional architecture
  • HL 7 Messaging
  • Launching of Pacs Imaging
  • Voice dictation for reporting

Cost Effective

hile radiology systems in general can be both very expensive and difficult to learn and use, Eminance by Health Focus provides a very economical solution that is also easy to learn and enjoyable to use.

Fully Compliant

The Health Focus Radiology Information System (RIS) is a comprehensive solution which ensures complete compliance with medical aids, referring practitioners and accounting standards. It offers a host of features including the unique Health Focus at-a-glance flow-management technology.

Looking Ahead

Today, the needs of the radiology practice have become even more complex and demanding. With that in mind, Health Focus has once again taken the lead and developed the next generation of radiology information technology. Eminance for Radiology offers numerous other features that would be expected of a full-service solution, with flow control management and is a comprehensive system designed specifically for the needs for local practices and is founded on decades of research and development. 


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