Starting Out

If you're starting out Eminance is the ideal program for you.  Our accredited instructors know how daunting it can be going alone and into a private practice. So we hold your hand and guide you through the process, setting up the administration of your practice and training you on the proper management of your new practice. And it's all part of the service we offer. Our low-cost entry-level scalable system is the natural choice at a time where opening a new practice can be overwhelming.

As your practice grows, Eminance adapts.  Whether you are a GP, specialist, dispenser or optometrist, features designed for your type of practice are expanded with a unique artificial intelligence learning capabilities. It insurers one program for life. No more learning curves or hassles as your practice grows. No additional costs or computer hardware requirements. 

Our software has not lost track with the practices needs.  Eminence allows you to spend more time with your patient and less time on people.  One of its focal points is that the patient is more important than the paperwork.

Whether you are starting out in private practice, expanding the practice or wanting a change in how to run your practice, our dedicated staff are on hand to help. It doesn't matter how small or big your practice is, we have the experience and skills to ensure effective and proper practice management and a system that grows with your needs.

  1. A step ahead with seamless flow from clinical to financial recording.  It handles the complete management and administation.
  2. Ease of use, stable and mature.  We have been around for decades. 
  3. We reduce administration costs from low cost electronic claims to minimal capital costs.
  4. Empowering you with specialty specific workflow with easy learning curves and implementation
  5. Flexibile for most practices needs and scalable from a one person part-time practice to large enterprises.
  6. Improved cashflow with multiple input methods
  7. Proven Strength
  8. Our Focus
  9. Health Focus.  Our team becomes part of your team
  10. Identify issues and track trends to increase efficiency and speed.