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Video and Tele Medicine

Private practices are turning to telemedicine in unprecedented numbers

Covid has accelerated the development of the digital health industry. Advancements in mobile health, telemedicine, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring systems are enabling the decentralisation of health care.

Our tele-medicine and video-medicine facilities that are built into all versions of Eminance after 2020 provide remote consulting technology to allow patients to access healthcare providers.

As part of our program and with the facility to generate scripts, we use advanced technology to reduce the risk of medical error, fraud, theft, overmedication and to detect prescription drug abuse.

Not every medical consultation needs to be in-person, and sometimes all it takes is a quick consultation with a qualified professional. This is where the Eminance Tele video system comes into play.

Everything is so intuitive and easy. The way it works is that with a single click on the video-consultation checkbox when making an appointment in the diary, an SMS is sent to the patient with the date, time and a link. And yes, it's fully integrated into the diary, so that even the practitioner is reminded.

From the practices side, nothing has to be done as the whole system is integrated into Eminance. Even the practitioners notes are updated seamlessly on a video consultation.

It's Standard

Tele-medicine and video is already in Eminance and there is an App from the Google Play or Apple App store.

It's Secure

Click on the video-consultation checkbox when making an appointment and an SMS is sent to the patient with the secure link.

It's Impressive

Eminance allows the practitioner to zoom in on any part of the video capture. It's like working on the x-ray feature, but without an x-ray.

It's very impressive to see how the patient notes appear automatically allowing the practitioner to type notes while chatting to the patient and how it logs the consultation as a video consult.

The practitioner can even take a screen shot of the patient that is saved in the patient notes for future referral. Dermatologists are going to love this feature!

As it's a secure system, the App is available on either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. In fact, if the patient doesn't have a phone, it can even be used in a browser. And it's intelligent as well, because if the patient doesn't have the App, it will automatically direct the patient to the respective App store.

Eminance has a full built in tele-consult structure accessible from any smart phone.

If your patient experiences any Covid-19 symptoms, or is incapable of travelling to the practice, simply schedule tele-consult directly in your diary. The patient should be reminded of the appointment time and when clicking on the link, the patient will be admitted to the waiting room. When the is ready, opening the video link will connect your directly with your patient via the video phone link. All record keeping happens inside Eminance while seeing the patient, just as if he or she is sitting in your practice, but without the risk of infection or the inconvenience of having to travel.

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