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Nexion is highly affordable and easy-to-use. The cash flow management software is designed specifically for medical practices but used by numerous small companies around the country. Nexion is integrated into Health Focus Eminance and eliminates manual receipting, catering for the reporting processes and simplifies bank statement reconciliations.

Our integration with Nexion allows you to automatically process all payment types, proactively recover debt and generate reports with a click of the button. Take control of your company’s cash flow for the price of a credit card facility. Use Eminance with the Nexion integration to consolidate your existing administration system into one cohesive unit to reap the benefits of effective cash flow management.

Nexion Saving Time & Money

Unlock the cash tied up in multiple traditional accounts receivable systems by activating Nexion with Eminance. Nexion allows an increasing numbers of medical professionals to improve their cash flow position, by reducing the cost of collecting debts. You will quickly improve your cash flow position and at the same time reduce the costs of collecting the debt.

Cash flow management. Solved

Heavy accounts admin, chasing and sacrificing interest on delayed payments, writing off bad debts and paying punitive bank costs become something of the past. And the best part is that it's all part of the Eminance system. All you need to do is contact us for activation. It's a solid business decision designed to systematically improve your practices profit potential.

The Nexion experience

  • Giving practices the tools to be proactive about collecting funds at the point of service
  • Minimise bad debts and speed up cash flow
  • It requires no upfront investment and the cost of managing payments is competitive to current bank charges;
  • Providing patient friendly tools to pay on terms, enabling collection of old bad debt;
  • Allowing practices to get commitments to pay prior to surgery and to collect shortfalls;
  • Saving practices time spent reconciling and balancing to bank statements
  • Providing visibility into cash flow, providing the tools to identify bottlenecks and allowing doctors to run their practice on business principles
  • Minimising fraud risk by providing one source of receipts
  • Minimise fraud with the security of improved cash flow control.
  • Providing comprehensive reporting by profit centre or practitioner providing management information.

Gert van Eeden, development director at Health Focus, says Nexion’s integration has been a great enabler for users of the Eminance package. “For the first time they can manage the entire payment cycle without any manual processes extraneous to it. This throws a net of compete security and control around a previously multi-step, disintegrated system,”