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Systematically Improving your Profit Potential

Eminance is the name of our practice management software. It is a comprehensive program that takes care of every facet of the practice administration and is the only program that is required in the practice to handle the complete process from booking appointments through to payments and everything in-between.

For Optometrists

The Standard in Optometry
  • Complete practice management system
  • Automated recalls
  • Patients can order contact lens on-line
  • Comprehensive lab order system
  • Debtors, creditors, stock, diary & more
  • Bar code integration
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Auto Quote to invoice to payment

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For Medical Practices

Over 50 Disciplines
  • Risk management reporting
  • Patient clinical data records
  • Scripting, levy & patient liable accounts
  • Referral, tracking and encounter recording
  • Modifiers and linked rules by practice type
  • Comprehensive dispensary with reporting
  • Front or back end system security
  • Fully integrated

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For Radiology

No Duplication
  • Integrated Ris billing
  • Electronic document and image scanning
  • HL7, Pacs Imaging & EDI compliant
  • Single account per family
  • Mammography, MRI and ultrasound tracking
  • Voice dictation for reporting
  • Customised automated email reports
  • Multi-modality scheduling & work-list

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Our medical products have mission specific features for specialists, including; dentists, anaesthetists, gynaecology, specialist physicians, psychiatry, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, plastic surgery and urology, to name a few. Eminance is fully scalable, ensuring that as your practice grows, so does Eminance. Our programs include all the features needed in a busy practice from a Patient Portal that allows patients to settle your account on-line or make appointments, through to tele and video consultations.

Experience how Eminance can change your practice

Cloud Computing with Eminance Mobile Cloud (EMC)


You can define the diary for most appointment types, while the search facilities allow you to locate a patient by surname, initials or folder number.


It looks and feels like the systems you have been using for years, and has a high level of intuitiveness that ensures that you are productive from day one.


It produces the reports that you both need and want. You can even email accounts directly. Its report writers even allow you to design custom reports.

Our Innovations

Large and small practices, clinic groups, radiologists and Independent Practitioner Associations have chosen us as their IT partner because we know the profession. Our specialisation in front-ends, and back-end ability are reflections of the markets we know. Medical software doesn’t need to be complicated. The Health Focus medical and clinical solution is designed to be simple, intuitive and seamlessly integrated. Health Focus are innovators in medical and optometry management.

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Since our first installation in 1988 we have produced exactly what you have ordered. Our Eminance platform is an integrated medical software suite for independent practices. Features include practice management, electronic health records, patient engagement, telemedicine, rooming, reputation management, financial analytics and business intelligence reporting that all work together to automate practice workflow.

Eminance is a complete medical and optometry practice management platform that helps you effortlessly manage and streamline your practice efficiently, automating many of the admin tasks with easy-to-use patient relationship management tools.

Another feature that makes Eminance stand out is that we give you a choice. Beside all the choices you have in your reports, invoice and statement layouts, we give you important choices that affect your cash-flow. For example, you are not restricted to one medical aid claim switching company. Depending on your practice profile we can recommend the one that would be best for you. You can even have certain medical aid claims go through one switch and other medical aids through another. This all results in low cost claims. To do this, we have a number of third party partners from which you can choose.

Your Choice of Partners

Our new generation of medical, radiology and optometry software is ideal for the practitioner starting out through to large scale enterprise networks. With minimal capital costs and based on a monthly license fee, our software is always up-to-date. Designed to reduce your administration costs, with very low claim costs and free upgrades for life, it handles most types of medical and optometry practices. Its low training curve, coupled with high productivity ensures optimal economic performance and value for money.

The Choice of Experience


Eminance medical accounting program, crafted by Health Focus, excels in assisting you with efficient credit control management and cash flow monitoring, ensuring accuracy and automation. With this tool, you gain seamless control over your cash flow, empowering you to make informed financial decisions. Beyond mere accounting, Eminance offers a comprehensive view of your finances, allowing you to focus on the core of your practice.


More than just treating patients, Eminance supports medical professionals in running successful businesses. Its versatility enables you to manage your practice from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience. Tailored to various specialties, Eminance stands as a trusted platform relied upon by thousands of healthcare professionals nationwide.


This proven billing platform streamlines administrative tasks, ensuring you receive timely payments. Eminance simplifies the management of patient files, clinical notes, prescriptions, and more, digitally. It serves as a complete practice management solution, enhancing efficiency and productivity for medical specialists.