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Eminance and Cloud Computing

We go one step further and allow you to have Eminance working in your private cloud. Introducing Eminance Mobile Cloud (EMC)
Cloud computing


Health Focus has a remote login service for our Eminance users. Once this service has been activated you can access selected areas of your database via a browser. EMC (Eminance Mobile Cloud) is used by Eminance practices to access information remotely. All patients are visible to authorised users.

As long as you have internet access - you can access your Eminance database. Imagine sitting at the airport and opening your Eminance diary for next week, by using your smart phone, tablet or laptop, making a new appointment, catching up on your notes or even posting a payment at a satellite practice for a consultation done last week. Now you can, by implementing our new Eminance for Cloud Computing (E=mc). And there is no major change to your existing system. All you need do is ensure that you have a public IP address (which your ISP will set up for you), activate the web server on your existing server, make a few settings, and you can work from anywhere in the world on selected areas of your database.


MC offers you all the facilities of a front office system and all the necessary functions to record a patient, make changes, post an invoice and the payment. All the back-office administration such as reports, and EDI remain at the practice making EMC the ideal tool for the forward-thinking practitioner. Ensuring a high level of security so that your data remains secure and private, critically selected areas of the program are now accessible from anywhere in the world.

They include;

  • Diary Functionality – Add, Edit, View, SMS, access to pat Wizard
  • Patient Enquiry - Add, Edit, View, Print & Email historic Invoices and account transactions. Option to apply a Credit Note
  • Account Enquiry– option to print or email past Invoices
  • Payments - Add, Edit, View making it ideal for satellite practices and consolidated billing
  • Invoicing - Capture and post an invoice, a feature ideal for multiple practices
  • Custom messages from pat file via sms and email
  • Notes – Capture your notes on your mobile device. Authorised users can share e.g. clinical, billing and credit control information.
  • Dynamic Search Function – No need to select the information type (e.g. surname, phone etc) when searching.
  • Tariffs linked to Medprax pricing
  • Statements/Quotes - Create, view and download as PDF. Ability to print and email

And it works in real-time. So as soon as the staff at your practice make a change to the database, it’s available to you. And as soon as you have made a change, it's available to them. It’s just like being in your rooms!

The remote system is ideal for the practitioner who have a satellite practice, because all that’s needed at the satellite is a PC with any web browser linked to the Internet. Using secure communications, payments and invoices can be posted as if you were at the main practice. For the practitioner who works in theatre, notes can be made in real-time to the patient record on the Wi-Fi or 3G or better enabled Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone - while the traveling practitioner can view and update the diary and notes on the go.

The possibilities are endless. But best of all, is that it is web browser based, so even your ancient PC gathering dust in the cupboard would do the trick. Certified to work on any notebook with a 3G or better card; or any Smartphone or Tablet that allows web browsing, our remote access system gives you the power to be fully mobile.

Required Investment

Should your server not be hosted or setup for web access then the following will be required:

  • To use this functionality, we need to install software that will assist to secure your database on the internet.
  • Your Eminance server must be live on the internet 24/7 for your practice to access the details.
  • Hourly rate for the engineer to setup and configure the required security software (Once off investment).
  • Annual Fee for DynDns secure internet connector software at USD30 per annum. This is optional as you may use your own software.
  • OTP (One Time Pin). There is a SMS cost per send. Used to authorise patients for access to their information.

Once again, Health Focus brings you another first in practice management systems. For more information contact your nearest Health Focus dealer.

Backup to the Cloud

Cloud computing
Practitioner View

EMC has designed its screens or views for maximum efficiency, each with their own level of security and access. Their ease of access and use mirrors the desktop system to ensure familiarity and a quick and painless learning curve. The Practitioner View allows a practitioner a quick overview to a patients vitals. The vital information is created within Eminance and will allow a practitioner to add values as required using EMC. Some examples are Blood Pressure and cholesterol readings. These readings are logged together by type and then by date.

Cloud computing
Glance Card

Quick glance information allows you to view: Patient’s age that is displayed and highlighted in red. Allergies can be viewed and edited as required Patient Scan items is listed and can be viewed should you click on it. *Requires scans to be added using Eminance This includes the option to view saved Mail Merge documents. *Requires documents to be added using Eminance There is also the option to display a patient alert message from the patient’s alert box. This view is managed per user and different options are available. One for the practitioner and one for the reception/admin staff.

Cloud computing
EMC Scribble View

EMC allows you to enter system and credit control notes using your keyboard on-the-fly. The Scribbles option allows you to add hand written notes/drawings. You can change the line colours and thickness of the text for emphasis.

It's so easy, we got a 5-year old to use it!

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Why Eminance Mobile Cloud

Cloud computing revolutionises healthcare delivery, offering scalability for resource adjustments, optimising efficiency, and cutting costs. Secure off-site data storage ensures patient information protection and robust disaster recovery, maintaining continuity of care. Real-time access fosters collaboration, improving diagnosis accuracy. Cloud solutions streamline IT management, empowering innovation and enhancing patient outcomes in medical practices.

The Benefits of EMC

Health Focus EMC, a cloud-based platform, streamlines operations, enhances patient care, and improves efficiency for medical practices. It ensures data confidentiality and integrity with secure off-site storage and robust disaster recovery. Real-time access fosters collaboration among healthcare professionals, facilitating accurate diagnoses and treatment planning. The user-friendly interface empowers staff to focus on quality care, optimising resource allocation for improved patient outcomes.

Streamline Admin

Eminance, integrated with Health Focus, streamlines administrative tasks like appointment scheduling and billing, boosting operational efficiency. Its analytics offer insights into patient demographics, aiding targeted care delivery. Eminance fosters seamless communication among healthcare teams, improving patient outcomes. With secure data storage and compliance features, it priorities patient privacy, revolutionising healthcare management, and enhancing care quality.