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Eminance and Cloud Computing

We go one step further and allow you to have Eminance working in your private cloud.

Cloud computing

Multiple Options

You have the option of having your data in the cloud, but we offer the ability for you to have your own cloud. We set it up for you securely, so that wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your patient information

  • Access your diary and reports from anywhere
  • No major change to your system
  • It’s just like being in your rooms!
  • Secured patient information

As long as you have internet access - you can access your Eminance database from your smart phone or PDA. Imagine sitting at the airport and checking on your laptop your diary for next week, making a new appointment, catching up on your notes or even posting a payment at a satellite practice for a consultation done last week. Now you can, by implementing our new Eminance for Cloud Computing (E=mc). And there is no major change to your existing system. All you need do is ensure that you have a public IP address (which your ISP will set up for you), activate the web server on your existing server, make a few settings, and you can work from anywhere in the world on selected areas of your database.

Eminance for Cloud Computing offers you all the facilities of a front office system and all the necessary functions to record a patient, make changes, post an invoice and the payment. All the back office administration such as reports and EDI remain at the practice making E=mc the ideal tool for the forward thinking practitioner. Ensuring a high level of security so that your data remains secure and private, critically selected areas of the program are now accessible from anywhere in the world. These core functions consist of everything you need to administratively record a patient encounter and transaction close. They include;

  • Make an appointment booking, or view the appointments that have been made at the practice.
  • Add or edit a patient just as if you were in your rooms.
  • Post a payment, ideal for satellite practices and consolidated billing
  • Update your patient notes.
  • Perform an enquiry on patients, including their balances and transactions to date.
  • Capture and post an invoice, a feature ideal for multiple practices.

And it works in real-time. So as soon as your receptionist or secretary makes a change to the database, it’s available to you. And as soon as you have made a change, it's available to your receptionist. It’s just like being in your rooms!

The remote system is ideal for the practitioner who has a satellite practice, because all that’s needed at the satellite is a PC with any web browser linked to the Internet. Using secure communications, payments and invoices can be posted as if you were at the main practice. For the practitioner who works in theatre, notes can be made in real-time to the patient record on the wi-fi enabled notebook, PDA or Smartphone - while the traveling practitioner can view and update the diary from his cell phone.

The possibilities are endless. But best of all, is that it is web browser based, so even your ancient PC gathering dust in the cupboard would do the trick. Certified to work on any notebook with a 3G card; or any SmartPhone or PDA that allows web browsing, our remote access system gives you the power to be fully mobile.

Once again, Health Focus brings you another first in practice management systems. For more information contact your nearest Health Focus dealer.

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