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Patient Portal

If you have an existing website, we integrate our patient portal into your website so that it conforms to the look and feel of your site, giving your patients access to the information you define.

  • Place a contact lens order (for optometry) or reprint a script order
  • See if there are any scripts available.
  • Check for a reminder to book a consultation
  • Make on-line payments
Patient Portal

Let your patients make their own bookings online, in a controlled secure environment where you can decide where and when bookings are allowed. Patients do not have to wait for office hours in order to secure a booking ensuring you get maximum access to patients. 24 hour bookings reduces patient loss and adds a level of convenience your customers deserve.

  • New patients capture their own information online
  • No need for forms to be completed on arrival.
  • Existing patients allowed to log in via OTP.
  • View and print invoices for tax purposes.

Immediate Access

Patients can view and print a PDF of their statements and all balances due to you.


Patients can make an on-line booking and check their next appointment.


Patients can load their information on your system and settle accounts on-line.

The patient portal goes much further. For example, if you send out your statements in PDF format, a button on the PDF statement allows the patient to link to your website and make an on-line payment.

Covered in multi-layer security, including the use of a one-time pin, your patients can log into your website and perform a number of functions that you define; from placing orders, making appointments and settling your bill.

Our payment facilities requires you to replace your current bank terminal as we cater for medical and optometry type transactions such as;

  • RCS and Edcon transactions, beside normal bank cards
  • Debit orders allow for the debiting of patient over time for contact lens programs and debt collection
  • Preauthorization allows optometry practices to lock-in card authorization for up to 8 days, reducing the risk of frames of not being returned or not collected.
  • 3D Secure  allows for emails to be sent to patients with links to pay their accounts on-line 
  • We provide web payments for practices signed up to the Eminance web-based contact lens ordering solution

The high level of security ensures that patients cannot tamper with the data or information you have entered and you control what the patient can impact. For example, no patient can edit their details online and that they can only view the timeslots available on the diary date selected.

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