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Why Choose Eminance?

Because it works! With a retention rate of over 99.5% over the past few decades, even as practices evolve and new technology comes into play, Eminance has been the medical management program of choice. Whether you are an optometrist, general practitioner, specialist or healthcare professional, Eminance has a solution for you.

It may be because of the vast pool of competent medical receptionists who love that programme; or even maybe its low running costs and dependability. Either way, thousands of professionals in Southern Africa can't be wrong.

The Eminance scalability ensures a low-cost per patient overhead with its built in claim switching capability, paying for itself almost immediately.

Our Medical and optometry programs require little or no maintenance with auto updates of tariff codes, medicines and medical aid rules keeping you current and reducing medical aid rejections.

Designed to systematically improve the practices profit potential, the low installation costs ensure little or no capital investment.

Never sold and therefore no significant upfront costs our electronic medical and optometry management software is licensed for use on a month-to-month basis.

The thousands of practices using our medical software we boast a 99.5 % retention rate over the past few decades. Beside our on-site training, we offer certification programs that have become acknowledged within the profession, ensuring a large pool of operators in Southern Africa.

Eminance is used in a variety of practices and is adaptable for almost all needs. It covers all aspects of medical management from clinical needs, electronic medical records, accounting and management and electronic claims.

With over three decades of experience and development, our medical administration and management software remains innovative. Auto updates ensure that you are always current and our cloud application keeps you in touch wherever you have an Internet connection.

Easy Appointments

It's important to have your schedule at your fingertips. Our flexible calendar lets you see and change your schedule with ease.

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Know what's going on

Eminance's reporting gives you an in depth understanding of what is happening in your practice in real-time. No delays

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Secure treatment notes

With Eminance you can access your treatment notes from anywhere without jeopardising security.

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The Health Focus staff are making many changes to improve the program and making it even easier to use. I think this program has made our rooms even more efficient.

Easy Correspondence

It's never been easier to write to patients, doctors and other third parties. You don't need any other software.

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Account Management

Eminance handles your point of sale and patient accounts simply. You can even track clinic expenses to make audit time easier.

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Patient recalls

Once the recall comes due, the mail merger takes care of the rest. Recalls can be mailed, emailed or sent via SMS.

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I love using Eminance as a receptionist it provides me with the ability to show professionalism and efficiency as the face of our practice. I have and will continue to recommend it to future practitioners.

Access from anywhere

Eminance can be used anywhere you have an internet connection. There is nothing to install and it's completely secure.

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On-line booking

Eminance online bookings enables you and your clinic to accept bookings 24/7, reducing the time you spend on the phone.

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Auto Updates

We make it easy for you by facilitating update files that keep your medical aid rules, fees and medicines up to date.

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