Eminance for Medical Practices

Medical software doesn’t need to be complicated. The Health Focus medical and clinical solution is designed to be simple, intuitive and seamlessly integrated.
It simply runs your whole practice
Low cost electronic claims
Automatic tariff updates
Go paperless
Over 50 disciples supported

Medical billing softwareEminance is the most comprehensive medical management and patient record keeping system that any practitioner could want. Catering for almost all practice types, over 500 new facilities and features have been introduced, including the ability to access the patient information and clinical data over a wide area network. 

Eminance is exactly what you have been waiting for. It is not a rehash of an old program, but a totally new development, platform and experience. It's simplicity and power will astound you!  Some day, all software will be written this way.

Using a powerful database with unlimited records, Eminance is fast and designed to use the mouse as little as possible.  Eminance caters for both the medical and general practitioner, and at the same time ensuring that the needs of the IPA, funder and provider are catered for.  It is indeed a comprehensive system. Eminance is designed with the medical practitioner in mind. 

Our medical products have mission specific features for specialists, including;  anaesthetists, gynaecology, specialist physicians, psychiatry, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, plastic surgery and urology, to name a few.  Eminance includes all the features needed in a busy practice, including;

  • Calculation of assistant fees
  • Oncology downloads and materials
  • Referring doctors
  • Aesthetics rules
  • Modifiers and linked rules by practice type
  • Mail merge reporting
  • Patient encounters
  • Clinical & family history
  • Risk management reporting
  • Recall follow up
  • Patient data records
  • Clinical notes
  • Questionnaire template designer
  • Comprehensive dispensary with reporting
  • Formulary compliance with indicators
  • Motivations
  • Scripting, levy calculation and patient liable accounts
  • Place of service and EDI compliancy
  • Benefits exceeded recording and patient liable transfers
  • Caters for multiple tariffs per medical aid (0141)
  • Sick notes & recording
  • Referral, tracking and encounter recording

Feature Filled

Eminance offers all the features you would expect in a program designed to run your practice.  But it is not limited to administrative functions.  Clinical records allow you to keep notes on file, and using the operating speech facility, you can even "speak to notes".  X-rays too, are standard, and you can link as many x-rays to a patient file as required, each with their own clinical notes.  Integration with Bluebird is standard, as is the ability to extract research information based on your patient data.  It is indeed a comprehensive practice management system.