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Our users tell us that our support is great.

That’s because we understand the importance of your system being up all the time. We want to avoid your patient waiting for you to retrieve the clinical and patient record and especially the bottleneck when it comes to rendering and settling an account. Need to know how to do something? Call us on 087 750-8157

Almost all problems can be sorted out within a few minutes - either by telephone or remote support. Sometimes, you may want to do something out of the ordinary; and that’s when all you need do is to pick up the phone and call us on 087 750-8157.

And if you have a recommendation, we would love to hear from you.

All our products are supported via our national and continental dealer network. In addition, when updates are made available (normally due to your suggestions, medical aid or statutory changes), they are free and updated to your system automatically.

Much emphasis is placed on productivity and efficiency in the practice through the support structures. Regular workshops are held on various practice management aspects, including third party products. These workshops are announced through our Facebook page and direct emails.

Support is available both on and off site. For nationwide telephone support contact our call centre on 087 750-8157. Products supported include Eminance (medical, optometry, allied and radiology), the Vision 2000 product, and all products bearing the Health Focus label.

We know how important is is for you to be on-line all the time. To that end, we offer remote support, a feature that allows us to control your computer (with your permission each time of course), eradicating the need in most cases for a service call and to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

We achieve our support goals;

  • With genuine personal care, dedication, hard work and a mutual understanding of the facts.
  • With a strong commitment to the practice and adapting to practice expectations and requirements.
  • By applying a scientific approach to practice management, using personal skills and resources.
  • With a commitment to service and quality to ensure consistent practice growth.
  • By maintaining a lead and understanding of practice concerns and remaining at the forefront of technology.
  • By being committed to systematic practice growth and the generation of practice profits.
  • By providing a strong team of experts dedicated to proper practice management.
  • By using the computer and our programs as an effective tool to implement internal controls.
  • By focusing on cost containment and improving efficiencies in all areas - from personnel to managed care.
  • By committing to a long term support infrastructure and providing resources required by practices.
  • By providing the tools to ensure practice independence and autonomy, alleviating prolonged dependency.
  • By preempting the pitfalls and creating a partnership relationship.

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