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Meet Our Team

Health Focus, founded in 1988, is a South African developer of optometry and medical management and administration systems, distributing its systems via a dealer network and operating in seven African countries.

The company is owned and run by its management team. It has a significant user base comprising optometrists, clinics, family practitioners and various medical specialties and is viewed as one of South Africa’s most innovative optometry medical accounting and financial software developers and prides itself on its products and service range.

Successful Health Focus Eminance installations are running in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Democratic Republic of Congo and Eswatini.

Installations differ according to countries, with programs adopted for their use and range from single and multiple practices - like Namibia, where we have a very significant share of the market; through to clinics and hospitals in Central Africa.

A further drive is being made into African countries with the collaboration of mining companies installing Eminance at their onsite primary healthcare clinics.

Health Focus grew from a company that was founded in 1988 with a single goal to make medical and optometry offices run more efficiently. Company founders designed a solution to accommodate practitioner and staff workflow with easy-to-use, affordable technology that adapts to the provider’s workflow and is accessible from anywhere.

Health Focus’ Research and Development team are dedicated to continual development of our products to ensure the needs of the optometry and medical professions are met.

Through ongoing R&D we continue to bring new solutions to the complex maze of medical management problems. This has allowed us to extend our products over the past few decades into specialist areas, transforming the company into the largest supplier of optometry management programs in the country.

The company is committed to ongoing development. Our development team is geared to evaluate, design and implement custom designed systems for large groups, medical aids or other funders. Specialist teams, headed by our Development Director ensure that standards are maintained and that customized systems fill the required needs.

Health Focus is a healthcare practice management company that combines the strength of the indispensable human touch with computerised automation. We provide solutions that streamline the operations of medical and optometry practices and improve patient care.

This philosophy has allowed us to become leaders in selected clinical management fields, with some of the most innovative and larger groups opting for our software solutions - such as managed care groups and medical aid schemes.

The company works in conjunction with many IPA’s and take guidelines from these professional bodies. The guidelines from the Independent Practitioners Associations, in turn, allow our users to make a valued decision in terms of system usage and effectiveness.

The quality and service provided by the VAD network is demonstrated by the number of medical practices installed and supported by our dealer network. Our call centre is open during office hours and can be contacted on 0877 508 157

The features are excellent and continue to improve and expand, with customers requests and suggestions as the core for their regular upgrades.

Our Network

Health Focus have appointed value added dealers (VAD) in all the major cities. These VAD’s are qualified to handle up to third level support and supply, where necessary, the hardware and accessories that meet our specifications. The quality and service provided by the VAD network is demonstrated by the number of medical practices installed and supported by our dealer network. Our call centre is open during office hours and can be contacted on 087 750-8157

Eminance has so far exceeded my expectations. It is incredibly easy to learn how to use, intuitive, and they are constantly improving it with valuable updates

Our Mission

To provide IT optometry, medical and allied software solutions with the aim of systematically improving our customers profit potential. We achieve this by developing software, which is at the forefront of leading edge technology, backed by professional support and training.

Patients enjoy being able to book appointments online and say its extremely easy to do - and I find the online booking to be extremely helpful in organising my available time.

Our Training Policy

Our training courses are designed to have the practice up and running from day one. We have dedicated training professionals geared to assist our users in utilising our systems to ensure that the practices profit potential is systematically improved. Courses are run on a regular basis, both in group sessions, as well as at the practices.

Now I can run my entire practice from my iPad in any location. I have access to all my clinical records anytime, and no more filing! For the first time I have access to all my financials instantly.

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