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Eskom power failures & Cloud based backups

With the new round of power failures caused by Eskom, there has been an increase in the reports of computers been damaged and unable to boot up.

While we recommend an interrupted power supply or battery backup system for your computer, these too, sometimes fail. In many cases, once the computer has been repaired, Eminance just keeps on working.

However, in some cases, the hard drives are being damaged, resulting in having to install new units. In addition, some are taking advantage of the power failures (Eskom load shedding) and are replacing their computers.

Automated Data updates from Medprax

Medprax and Eminance offer a product that gives instant access to the latest Medical Scheme Rates and Tariff codes for 2021

Automated Data updates for:

  • 2021 Medical Scheme Rates (Non Contracted or Base Rate) published by Medical aids.
  • 2021 Rand Conversion Factor (RCF) unit values for all disciplines per medical aid.
  • GP Network Tariffs for 2021
  • Payment Arrangements
  • COID Tariffs