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The Choice of Experience

As one of the oldest medical software houses in Africa, we have learnt much over the past few decades on how practices work. That's why we have incorporates features based on the feedback we have received from thousands of healthcare professionals that use our programs.

Since our first installation in 1988 we have produced exactly what you have ordered. Our Eminance platform is an integrated medical software suite for independent practices. Features include practice management, electronic health records, patient engagement, telemedicine, rooming, reputation management, financial analytics and business intelligence reporting that all work together to automate practice workflow.

The company is owned and run by its management. Most of the staff have been around since the beginning and we pride ourselves on our 99.5% retention rate. So, while we may be doing things right, we won’t stop listening to what you need and want. And that’s why we are The Choice of experience.

Clinical Notes

Secure & Private
  • Add scanned documents, photos or other files as attachments
  • Allergy & special warning alerts
  • Click and send emails or SMS
  • Configure different access privileges for different staff
  • Create services for any treatment modality
  • Customise clinical notes for different practitioners
  • Customise consultation templates for different services
  • Easily scroll through past clinical notes
  • Link multiple family members to the same account and to the same invoice
  • Rate key signs and symptoms and graph changes
  • Record audio, video or take photos in patient file
  • Take questionnaires directly in the patient file
  • Use templates to create letters in a flash


Multi-User Integrated
  • Add cancellations and missed appointments to your recall list
  • Allow one or more columns per practitioner
  • Assign patients to rooms
  • Birthday reminders triggered automatically
  • Colour-code the background with calendar rules
  • Ceate group bookings for families
  • Create multiple calendar groups
  • Create repeat appointments
  • Customise appointment colours and text colours
  • Customise the number of days that you wish to view
  • Reception can advise when patient arrives
  • Set default appointment types for patients and practitioners
  • Single-click to arrive or bill a patient
  • SMS the practitioner running late


Automated & Easy
  • Acknowledgement tracking for online bookings
  • Add extra availability on-the-fly
  • Availability is set for each practitioner
  • Confirmation can also be sent by sms to the patient
  • Confirmation received via patient sms link
  • Create email templates or custom letters
  • Customise colours on your online booking pages
  • Customise the maximum appointment duration
  • Patient confirmations can be customised by appointment type
  • Patients can book an appointment via your website
  • Reminders can be configured for set times
  • SMS and email reminders automated
  • Use SMS or email for recalls and other communication needs

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