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Large and small practices, clinic groups, radiologists and Independent Practitioner Associations have chosen us as their IT partner because we know the profession.

Our specialisation in front-ends, and back-end ability are reflections of the markets we know. Medical software doesn’t need to be complicated. The Health Focus medical and clinical solution is designed to be simple, intuitive and seamlessly integrated. Health Focus are innovators in medical and optometry management. Some of our innovations include;

  • We were the first to incorporate SMS messaging into our programs
  • We were the first to create a national on-line register
  • We were the first to create a Patient Portal
  • We were the first to offer mobile computing with E=mc.
  • We were the first to be accredited by MediKredit for real-time claims.
  • We were the first to integrate e-mails to optometry lab orders.
  • We were the first to be medical IPA approved.
  • We were the first to develop push-technology medicine downloads.
  • We were first to develop a system that conformed to the exact requirements of selected IPAs.
  • We were the first to produce a CPT system that uses the SAMA disk to its full extent, saving on third party license fees.
  • We were the first medical software house to earn MediKredit accreditation.
  • We provide full e-commerce facilities to transport data to central offices.
  • We designed specialist systems for IPAs like the UDIPA FTP capability.
  • We developed specific credit control systems for OranjeMed.
  • We were first in sending statements by PDF over email.
  • We cater for specialist groups like gynaecologists, who voted us the most advanced software house.
  • We were the first software house to provide complete MediSwitch compatibility using all the features the switch offers.
  • We were the first company to allow recalls, notices and circulars to be sent to patients electronically.
  • We were the first company to allow immediate access to the medical aids web site from within the program.
  • We were the first company to allow an export for IPA information, submitting the processed and validated data to IPA’s.
  • We were the first company to introduce data checking, validating membership and ID numbers at point of data capture.
  • We were the first company to allow on-line claim submission to medical aids.
  • We were the first company to offer on-line patient eligibility checks.

We will continue to value your suggestions, react quickly to market change and bring you the features you both want and need, after all, it is the market that we know and understand.

Eminance is a complete and unified application for every role in the medical and optometry practice, offering features such as billing, scheduling, insightful reporting and easy-to-use patient relationship management tools.