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Tough, really tough

From our smallest one PC based practice, through to our 100+ workstation clinic, our software ensures uninterrupted management.

Our solutions have proved themselves in the practice. Our philosophy probably explains why so many practices have chosen us as their software partner.

Eminance caters for both partnerships, associates, group and multiple practices.

There is no limit to the number of practitioners, and the program comes loaded on installation with all the coding you need. And in line with our policy of continual development and research, we ensure you are never left behind.

Since we have been in business, upgrades have always carried no charge; and we strive to release a new version, offering backward compatibility, to take advantage of new operating system releases.

This is why your investment in our software is secure, catering for practices who are happy with their old hardware - as well as practices who want to use the newest hardware and operating systems.