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We completely revamped the radiology workflow and eradicated duplication

The Health Focus state-of-the art Radiology Information System (RIS) features a technologist and dictation system which when implemented will ensure full medical aid compliance for your billing process.

It ensures the proper flow of information, controls and accurate real-time tracking. The Appointment System The appointment system initiates a request for a procedure to be completed. The receptionist has the option of entering the history, procedure being requested, date of request and other relevant information.
  • On arrival of the patient or on-the-fly the system will generate a new worksheet for medical aid information verification
  • The required labels and then will automatically queue the patient into the Technologist Task Inquiry System, where you have a visual indication of delays and time schedules.
  • Once the procedure has been completed, centralised typists produce the report, releasing it for the radiologists approval.
  • This can be done at any site, even in another city. The dictation system operates in the Eminance Virtual Typing Pool.
  • Tasks for the radiologist and typists are automatically tagged and flagged, with status warnings on every level.
  • The contrast code is automatically applied, applying the applicable tariff code for the procedure.
  • Control is automatically transferred to the Dictation System where facilities allow the override of any procedure code and supported by what has been dictated by the Radiologist.

The Radiologist may now review the typed report, accept it, or request an addendum to be typed. A once off defining of the email report layout ensures customised reports per referring doctor, and reports are sent off with a click of a button. After the report has been accepted, the procedure item is automatically transferred to the billing process. Accounts can be previewed or reviewed. Eminance is both DHS and Healthbridge compliant for EDI claims.