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A Step Ahead

Health Focus offers an innovative and extremely powerful yet highly flexible electronic medical record, billing and practice management system called Eminance.

The benefits Eminance offers the optometry and medical community are numerous. The Eminance development tools and methodology improves productivity by eliminating many tasks associated with creating robust practice management systems, scheduling, managing data access, and making the program user friendly.

Sometimes you need more than just software to build a good application. Our products are one component of a comprehensive offering that ensures customers can successfully use technology to meet their business objectives. Education and consulting services provide resources specifically focused on transferring knowledge and experience to your particular application-development challenge.

Save Time

Information can be accessed instantly, eliminating the need to look for patient folders with tasks automated for rapid data entry and reporting. Even video consultations are automatically linked to the patient record.

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Save Money

Dedicate time to the management, not the movement of data. Eliminates the cost of paper storage and paper account submission. Store images, x-rays and reports electronically with quick by-patient retrieval

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More Productive

Medical aid and third party funders can be done electronically. Communicate securely with other practices and receive lab results electronically and link them to a patients electronic record

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Eminance is constantly evolving and remains a step ahead to ensure your practice remains innovative.