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Low cost electronic claims to medical aids

No longer are you forced to use one switch. Eminance offers you a choice. A difference of R1 per claim can mean a saving of more than R15 000 a year on switching fees.

Our electronic claims facility is seamless and fully integrated. After all, it was Health Focus that developed the first EDI system in the early 1990's. Our experience and capability in submitting claims electronically has been used in Eminance to ensure that your claims are submitted to medical aids at the minimal cost and with utmost confidentiality and security.

We integrate with all the medical switching houses, leaving the choice of vendor up to you, ensuring that your practices profile benefits from the features and facilities provided. We also offer real-time patient validation, ensuring your records are up to date and minimising administration costs. In fact, we have ensured that the cost is lower than printing out and posting an invoice and statement.

The benefits of electronic claims are obvious, as are the cost savings. But Eminance goes further by integrating the claim, eliminating any double capturing of claims. In addition, the feedback from the medical aid is immediate and visible in Eminance. And in the event you have a rejection from the medical aid, the claim can be fixed and resubmitted from within Eminance with minimal effort. The medical aid electronic claim submission pricing is minimal, and generally depends on your volume.

By example, the cost of a fully processed electronic claim with Healthbridge, which includes immediate and secure processing against all scheme rules and patient benefits for 80% of medical aids for a general practitioner is R5.75 per claim. It gets better, where claims submission with a unique batch reference number (done automatically by Eminance) drops down to R4.10 a claim.

*Pricing as per the standard Healthbridge price list.