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Updates, including free program updates for life

We know what it's like when at the start of each new year you need to update tariffs. And it's not made easier when different medical aids have different rates - and then you may also want to adjust your tariffs. This is why we provide you with a Tariff Assistant.

Our tariff assistant allows you to login to the database and gives you complete flexibility as to the tariff updates. You can even update one practice with different rates to another. In addition, new tariff codes and descriptions can also be added using the tariff assistant. But you can go one step further. If you have your own list of tariffs, we will assist you in converting your spreadsheet into an Eminance friendly file format for quick updates - which only takes a few minutes.

Because medical aids have different tariff rates, some which may conflict with your fees, we can tailor a tariff file update for your needs. While we don't necessarily get all the medical aid fees each year, we certainly do get the bulk, if not all, of the rates. So we can customise the rate increase for you. A simple call to our call centre, requesting the rates you need, will have us sending you the new fees (normally the same day), and with a click of a button, the tariff assistant will update your fees and rates for the new year.

Our tariff assistant (which comes standard with all installation) is just another service from Health Focus.