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Our credit control systems simply work

Our programs are designed to improve your cash flow. Mechanisms are in place to ensure effective cash and debt management and are quickly and easily available in the patient record.

From features such as mail-merging to SMS overdue reminders, our programs trigger events which allow you to react. All the features you can expect to find in a good credit control system are in place.

But we understand the pressures in a practice and have made it easier. Features like a one-click button that selects patients who have overdue balances, and to either SMS or email reminders. Immediate differentiation between patient and medical aid balances allow quick collections; and visible alters are just some of the means we use.

We take it one step further, like electronic remittances from medical aid schemes, cash-flow statements based on income received; and just what your bank manager wants; on-screen notes with selection for delinquent accounts, and much more. All-in-all, an easy-to-use system that does exactly what it sets out to do without losing focus of keeping your cash flow on track.

We have written a book on practice management, and how you can use our programs to systematically improve your profit potential. We know you are busy and have a host of reading, so we have stuck to the point. And on top of all this, we have also partnered with Nexion, the leaders in cash flow management.

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