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Ease of Use

Not all practices are the same. But one thing is for sure; practices using our systems grow.

Over time, Eminance allows the practitioner to spend more time with the patients rather than on administration. That’s why we have removed the barriers to installing Eminance. Allowing full access to every feature, except limited to 2000 patients, Our Lite 2000 version allows you to grow into our 4000-patient version; and then to our unlimited version. Each step of the upgrade costs no more than if you had opted for the higher version; and can be done over the telephone or by email. Eminance is fully scalable, and allows you to grow with your practice.

The scalability options allow you to start small, giving all practices the opportunity to experience software at it's best; and to grow as the practice grows. By only paying for what you need, you can grow your practice with the knowledge that you never have to change systems. Choosing a System comes down to answering three questions.

Is It Right For The Practitioner?

Is it flexible and able to easily adapt to your management style and procedures? Can it help you achieve your goals faster and be easily adapted with no disruption to work flow? Logical and intuitive, our programs have been designed to have a smooth flow. Efficiency and accessibility are the key words. Choosing Health Focus is a business decision, which amongst others, gives you more time. Time that is available to maximize the productivity of the practice so as to achieve its financial goals.

Is It Right For The Staff?

Will the staff benefit with ease of use and become more productive while reducing the daily pressure in accomplishing tasks? Will scheduling have the familiar look of your appointment book yet be logical, intuitive and highly flexible? No chasing information around the office. Less paper to handle means more usable space and easy, on-demand access of all patient and practice information. You get better tools. Our programs are simple to learn and easy to use. Stress and frustration are reduced. Improved communications result in teamwork and efficiency.

Is It Right For Your Patients?

Would they perceive the new dynamics of your practice as added value to the treatment they now receive? After all, your patients depend on the right technology to make them better. Companies they work for depend on the right technology in order to grow. Wouldn't they expect the same from their practitioner? Manage appointments and keep patients from falling through the cracks. Recalls and communications are generated automatically.

Patient confidence is the result of easy to understand billing statements, prompt submission of claims, efficient treatment planning, and improved communications. Errors and redundancy are minimized. Do it right and your practice will grow. Your practice depends on your abilities as a practitioner, employer and a businessperson. Together with Health Focus, and the features incorporated into the fully integrated system, we will systematically improve your profit potential.

Health Focus is an independently owned software development company, and as such is not held back because of needing to meet financial objectives. As a result, our products are designed to provide practice management tools that work the way you want them to work. And, with an outstanding technical staff, you get the kind of support you need to keep working. We will continue to deliver the capabilities you need.