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Imagine What Your Practice Could Be

Integration services are a critical component of today's business application. To meet the growing requirements for a company's integration strategy, Eminance offers a host of options, all designed to expand your integration reach, reduce your integration costs, and significantly enhance your business agility. We even integrate seamlessly with the Practice Perfect Clinic system.

Integration includes the e-link and SMS facility, where data can be transmitted from any one point to another. Whether it be an optometry lab order or a transmission of data to a central warehouse, Eminance can leverage your existing resources and knowledge and lead you down the path to service-oriented business applications.

Standard integration includes the ability to send claims electronically to a variety of switches, including MediKredit, HealthBridge and Switch. Pre-funding integration through Nexion and file update information through Medprax are all part of the integration. But Heath Focus goes further, allowing integration with pathologists, Bluebird and pharmacies. You can even integrate to external accounting packages. Integration is not limited to external sources. Internal integration with text messaging via SMS is built into the diary, recalls, debt collection and communication centre.

All-in-all it offers interaction and integration to all levels of healthcare. Eminance, the comprehensive software package from Health Focus integrates billing with scheduling and medical records. All patient information; from assistants in the theatre, through to lens prescriptions is maintained on one system. Complete integration presents many benefits to your practice;

  • Outcome based measurements. With Eminance's fully integrated features you can quickly see the standard and effectiveness of your health care, with supporting documentation to prove your outcomes.
  • You have complete access to information either by patient, group of patients or practitioner. The reporting allows for consolidated peer review, while authorised users have access to sections of the program that you specify. Being an integrated system, a change made on one workstation is available to all.
  • Only one number to dial for support. With an integrated system you don't have to play the blame-me game. We know our business and take responsibility for your complete practice management system.
  • The learning curve is reduced because you only have to learn one system. In fact we simplify it even more by ensuring that all the screens look and feel the same, minimising your training time and allowing free interchange of staff.
  • Because it is an integrated system, there is no duplication of data. For example, a transaction posted is automatically activated for EDI, there is no need to waste time entering information twice.
  • All electronic functions are integrated, from EDI through to patient eligibility checks. It's all part of the Eminance e-link.
  • Share information easily. The second information is entered, it is available in other departments. Authorised access ensures that the accounts department only sees what's relevant.

Systematically improving your profit potential

Integration with Practice Perfect

Practice perfect EMR is an on-premise electronic medical record (EMR) solution designed for physical therapists, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors and other rehabilitation professionals. Primary features include client profile management, billing, payments, accounts, documentation, scheduling, operational analysis and task management.

  • Fully integrated billing and clinical information.
  • No duplication of data or double data capture.
  • Billing information accessible from within your Practice Perfect Clinical system and visa versa.
  • Efficient access to patient information.

We offer full integration into the Practice Perfect Clinic system. This seamless integration links your billing and clinical systems without having to duplicate any data capture. We focus on our core strengths by utilising Eminance at the front desk controlling bookings, demographic and billing information prior to the visit. On arrival of the patient, all required information is sent the to EMR ready for the doctor to start his clinical procedures. Both procedure and diagnostic codes captured are then seamlessly sent back to Eminance for billing purposes. Whether you are already a Practice Perfect user or a potential new client, please give us a call to take full advantage of this integration.